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394. Even as a child of twelve, He lingers behind in the Temple, at His own discretion. His mother searches in vain for Him for several days. When found and reproached by her, He utters not a word of regret; rather a gentle reproof that she did not all once know that He was “about His Father’s business” (Luke 2:49). To be GOD’S ALONE meant literally to Him to be not man’s in the least. Later in life, His mother and brothers come to Him when teaching, apparently to take Him away from the crowd. He does not even leave His place to speak with them, but utters a declaration of entire independence, as to natural kinship, in favor of spiritual ties. (Matthew 12:46-50).

395. While letting God do what He pleased with Him, He made no concessions to man, “whatever men around might say of Him.” How differently women have been taught! At every step expected to ask themselves, “How will this look, for a woman?” As though woman should do everything with reference to her sex, rather than with reference to her God!


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