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39. … the ‘rib’ seems to be a mistranslation. The Hebrew word translated ‘rib’ in both the Authorized and Revised versions, occurs forty-two times in the O. T., and in this instance alone is it translated ‘rib.’ In the majority of cases it is translated ‘side’ or ‘sides,’ in other places ‘corners’ or, ‘chambers,’ but never ‘rib’ or ‘ribs,’ except in these two verses describing the separation of Eve from Adam. In the Septuagint version, which was the Scripture quoted by our Lord, the word is pleura, which in Homer, Hesiod and Herodotus is used for ‘side,’ not ‘rib,’ and in the Greek of the N. T. is invariably translated ‘side.’ There is a word in the O. T. the true translation of which is ‘rib’ and nothing else, and it occurs in Daniel 7:5, but this is a totally different word from the word translated ‘rib’ in the passage before us.


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