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23. Please read Genesis 1:26-28, and with it, Genesis 5:2. We find that at the first the name “Adam” belonged equally to male and female. God said: “Let US make man [or “Adam,”–it is the same word] in our likeness;” and the story proceeds,–“In the image of God made HE HIM, male and female made HE THEM.” Please note that in the second clause, man is spoken of as both singular and plural. What does this mean?


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Five Blessings prounounced on them by God

25. Five blessings were pronounced on them by God. Genesis 1:28.
(1) “Be fruitful:” (2) “Multiply ye:” (3, “Replenish the earth:” (4) “Subdue It:” (5) “Have dominion over . . . fish . . . fowl . . . and every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Dr. Harper in his Hebrew Method and Manual renders this literally, bringing out the plural form of each verb, so we will reproduce his translation: “Be ye fruitful and multiply ye, and fill ye the earth, and subdue ye her [the word for earth is feminine]; and have ye dominion,” etc. The plural is clearly expressed in each form. As the Word distinctly says that these blessings were pronounced upon male and female, we observe the perfect equality of the sexes by God’s original creation.

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Cultivate a spirit of fresh inquiry

18. In the study of God’s messages to women, I wish you to approach His Book as though, like a pagan, you had never seen it before, and knew nothing about it. Will you endeavour to cultivate this spirit of fresh inquiry? When we have heard, over and over again, with unquestioning belief an explanation of a thing, even though the explanation be grotesque, it comes back to us with all the force of natural fact…

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